Frequently Asked Questions at Pest Control Johannesburg

How do I know what pests are troubling me at home?

Well firstly we refer customers to use our products inform them about the safety usage of the products but mostly our products are manufactured in to kill most common pests such aunts and spiders.

How much will the products cost me?

Our prices are affordable for low and middle class income earners. Quality pest control products and services from a company you can trust.

How do I pay for products and services?

You can pay for all our services though the following ways:

  • EFT
  • Online banking
  • Direct Bank deposit

We rely on many payment system striving for the convenient ways to pay or receive money making sure that all our client can find it easy to do business with us.

What else do you offer?

We also offer a team:

  • Departmental inspectors
  • Chemical engineers
  • Chemical specialist
  • Environmental advisors

 How will the client know which deal is suitable for him/her?

Clients will have our consultants referring them to our experts they will be able to assist them with everything they need to take control and win the war against pest. They will be advised and shown how to apply the product if the client wish to buy our products.